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Choose to Be a Cool Girl

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Being cool simply means being yourself.

Are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl? Well, then you always look put together. Do you wear flowy dresses every day of the week? Perfect, that makes you stylish. Do you prefer cut-offs over cuffs? Flip flops over Birkenstocks? Polka dots over stripes?  Great news, you’re officially a cool girl.

Why? Because you’re you and you’re wearing this outfit right now. It’s that simple. Your sense of style is already cool, so give yourself permission to be…well, to be more you. Simply being yourself ushers in confidence, which ups your optimism, which brings you back to the present moment, which makes you that much more cool.

In a world full of trendy insta-bloggers and drool-worthy Pinterest closets, we feel like having style is complicated, like we’re always a little behind the cool girls. We look “sort of” put together and feel “kind of” stylish and wonder if it even matters unless we post our outfit of the day on Instagram. It always matters, because you’re you and you’re wearing this outfit right now.

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Celebrate Your Friend's Style

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Style can be as collaborative as it is individual.

We tend to call our mom when we can’t figure out what to wear to that meeting. We check with our friend to see what she’s wearing tonight before we get dressed to go out. And we always, always, always make sure there are two of those t-shirts when we’re out shopping with our sister and we find the cutest graphic tee.

Sometimes we borrow a trend, like those pom pom loafers that are all the rage; sometimes we borrow a small detail, like putting a pin on our jean jacket; and sometimes we straight up steal—ahem…borrow—our sister’s leather jacket. Whether your Instagram feed, a favorite blogger, or even that woman at the grocery store, we’re always sharing and collaborating and swapping style ideas without even trying.

In sharing our style, we empower ourselves to try new things, we foster connection with the women around us, and we genuinely warm that blogger’s heart because we actually payed attention to her weekly post. Even better, we give what other women do purpose and value. We give us all a reason to support each other on the way up.

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The Space Between

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Honor the space between no longer and not yet. // Nancy Levin

Sometimes being in that space is really hard.

So I go to the beach.

To remind myself of who I am, how far I've come, why I'm here. It all led to breathing in this moment, living in this part of the country again, spending my days at this beach.

And once I've come to understand (as much as I can understand anyway, I still don't really get it), I remind myself where I'm going. And that is as frustrating as it is exciting, because I know I'm ready for it, but it's not really happening yet, not how I'd like (need) it to be happening.  Even though I'm doing the work.  Even though I've been doing the work for some time.  Which makes no sense.

So here I am between no longer and not yet. Again. For a new reason. I've lost count how many times I've visited.

I'm here with a bigger heart, a stronger backbone + a calmer soul. And it still makes no sense.

So I stay at the beach just a little longer.

Until I understand just enough.

Until the space between no longer and not yet is so sun kissed that it feels like home again.

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