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Creamy Oatmeal

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gluten-free, steel cut oats w/ strawberries, almonds + almond/coconut milk

gluten-free, steel cut oats w/ strawberries, almonds + almond/coconut milk

I eat oatmeal almost every morning.  It’s one of my favorite breakfast options, because it has natural protein and it keeps me full throughout the morning, and I love changing it up with different fruits and spices.  I eat a gluten free, steel cut version -- gluten free for obvious reasons, and steel cut for the texture.  It’s gooey, but there’s still a slight crunch to it and I totally dig it. I always make the actual oats with water and then add some almond/coconut milk right before serving.  I do this for the texture too.  I then add fruit, nuts, cinnamon, ginger or whatever I’m feeling like that morning.  That’s one of the great things about oatmeal.  It really takes on the flavor of whatever you’re mixing with it.

So, a couple of months ago, I finally bought the Deliciously Ella cookbook from my Amazon wishlist. It had been sitting there for a while.  Side note:  Does anyone else do that?  Add things to your Amazon wishlist to remember to buy them and then wait forever to actually buy them?  No?  Just me?  Ok.  I read through it like a normal book, like I always do with new cookbooks and I came across her Creamy Coconut Porridge recipe.  Porridge is the way prettier British way of saying oatmeal, in case you didn’t already know that.

It’s pretty easy to feel like you’ll never eat creamy food again when you don’t eat dairy and are trying a more plant-based diet, so I have to admit, I was a little skeptical.  I tried it anyway, and holy canoli is it freakin’ delicious.  Like way yummy.  You add the banana in with your oats so it cooks down to a sweet sauce that’s all mixed up in there.  You then add some almond butter and coconut oil at the end, and mix that all up in there.  Ooey, gooey, creamy goodness.  Like I said above, I cook my oats with just water, but she suggests throwing some coconut milk in there.  I’m sure that would make it taste even creamier, if that’s even possible.

That one recipe totally hooked me onto her book and the way she cooks.  Plus, it completely revolutionized the way I eat oatmeal.  I’m not even exaggerating.  It’s little things like this that make life feel a little more magical, a little more creative and way more delicious.

Where you can find Deliciously Ella:  Creamy Coconut Porridge // website // cookbook // Instagram

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