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Unleash A Trend

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You know the feeling.

Maybe you’ve been through something traumatic recently, maybe you had to tuck part of yourself away so you could be a “better” wife, maybe you’re covered in spit-up and pureed green peas.  You’re feeling all the feels and wondering how any one human can even contain that many different emotions at once. You’re feeling pretty much everything but feminine.

You grasp at anything to feel more like a woman, more like a human: that soy latte, some pink peonies, even a lacey bralette. And that’s ok. Buying into a trend to feel a little more feminine is okay. You’re not drinking 3 soy lattes a day, buying out the entire flower section, and wearing a bralette every day. Right?

Or maybe you are. However you get back to feeling feminine is completely up to you.

Sometimes life can feel like it stripped you of everything you know about yourself, and if all it takes is one lacey something to bring you back to your whole, feminine self, then buy the damn bra. In the meantime, just know that feeling all of those emotions at once is what femininity is all about. No matter what, you’re always feminine.

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