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Mala Beads + Necklaces

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If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m not only deeply inspired by modern art, but I’m also an avid yogi. I’ve never been much into traditional jewelry, so even though I’ve been practicing yoga for 17 years, I’ve never once owned a set of mala beads. Not because I don’t see their value, but because they’re just not really my style.

Abstract designs? Those are my style. Reinterpreted lines, shapes + proportions? Yep, those are totally my jam. Jewelry you can’t get anywhere else? I’m all about it.

My design idea for these necklaces was to make reinterpreted versions of a set of mala beads. I took a traditional mala design, deconstructed it, assembled it so that the proportions were new and different, but the end result still looked enough like a mala that you’d get the reference + I strung it all on my signature chain.

While my malas aren’t meant for counting your breaths, prayers or meditations, they still send the same message. Take a moment to breathe, repeat your positive thoughts, be mindful when you make decisions, infuse yourself into your accessories.

They might not be paintings, standalone sculptures or coffee table books, but these necklaces still portray very large concepts in new visual ways + that’s what makes them modern art.

My malas are some of my original designs + they’re on sale this week. Shop them here.

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