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A Photo Series

A Photo Series: Our Cross Country Drive

A Photo SeriesCait SherrickComment

If you've been following Leocadia K. for a while now, you already know that we recently moved from Jacksonville, FL to Oak Harbor, WA.  It was a month-long transition that first took us from Florida up to Virginia for a few weeks, and then from there we headed out west.

These photos are from the Virginia to Washington leg of our trip.  They're all from my iPhone 5 and most of them were taken while still in the car.  While we did stop here and there, we were on a bit of a time crunch, so we couldn't stop as much as we actually wanted to. We saw a lot more than we were able to capture because some of it was at night and some of it just didn’t photograph well – wild buffalo, wild mountain goats, roads that dropped off into cliffs, mountain, upon mountain, upon mountain.   

Considering how stressful moving is, how stressful moving cross country is and how long our move took, we still got some pretty beautiful shots, and I'm happy with that.  

So here you have my edited, curated version of our trip. (The pics open to a slideshow, so be sure to click the first one and there are two separate galleries, so be sure to scroll down!)

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Days 1-3: Virginia, WEst virginia, kentucky, indiana, illinois, iowa & nebraska

Days 4-5: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington

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