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Living Life Creatively

Thoughts On the Sky

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I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve been noticing the sky a lot more lately.

Blue skies, cloudy skies, rain clouds, sunsets. Light, dark, blue, gold.

I sit, I scan every detail, I think about absolutely nothing other than that moment + I quickly snap photos, usually while driving...safely of course.

It feels more + more introspective every time. Like I’m moving closer toward myself + also away from the things I no longer need. Like I’m incredibly self-aware + also strongly connected to something larger. Like I’m such a small part of the universe + also the entire universe all at once.

So much contrast in such small moments.

So much humanity in such quick moments.

So much emotion in such beautiful moments.

Maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s the space, maybe it’s simply me becoming more like myself.

More like my light.

More like the sky.

I might not be sure why, but I’ve noticed + that’s all the why I need.

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Mala Beads + Necklaces

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If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m not only deeply inspired by modern art, but I’m also an avid yogi. I’ve never been much into traditional jewelry, so even though I’ve been practicing yoga for 17 years, I’ve never once owned a set of mala beads. Not because I don’t see their value, but because they’re just not really my style.

Abstract designs? Those are my style. Reinterpreted lines, shapes + proportions? Yep, those are totally my jam. Jewelry you can’t get anywhere else? I’m all about it.

My design idea for these necklaces was to make reinterpreted versions of a set of mala beads. I took a traditional mala design, deconstructed it, assembled it so that the proportions were new and different, but the end result still looked enough like a mala that you’d get the reference + I strung it all on my signature chain.

While my malas aren’t meant for counting your breaths, prayers or meditations, they still send the same message. Take a moment to breathe, repeat your positive thoughts, be mindful when you make decisions, infuse yourself into your accessories.

They might not be paintings, standalone sculptures or coffee table books, but these necklaces still portray very large concepts in new visual ways + that’s what makes them modern art.

My malas are some of my original designs + they’re on sale this week. Shop them here.

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West Elm Local

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West Elm Local Vendor Artist, Carytown, Richmond, VA

I was selling my jewelry, talking about my fake plants + doing my thang at the Crafted VA Summer Pop-Up last August, when my friend + colleague, Allison came to say hello. Within seconds of hugging hello she went straight to it (like she always does in the most loving way) + asked me if I wanted to be her west elm LOCAL jewelry vendor.

I distinctly recall smiling from ear to ear while jumping up + down before I eventually said yes. 

While working out the details with corporate, Allison moved to the new West Elm location in Carytown - Richmond, VA, so naturally my jewelry moved with her. Because of her move not only can you now get your favorite LK pieces at West Elm in Richmond, but I can also officially say that I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist. 

I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.
I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.
I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.

As a long time admirer, customer + former employee of West Elm, it’s surreal to think that I now partner with them as an artist. Repeating it over + over makes it seem more real.

You see, the growth of my jewelry business has been quite unique to say the least. I tend to get exposure in ways that most jewelry designers don’t, I often partner with people + places that don’t typically want to partner with jewelry designers + despite all of that, my business + I continue to grow just like the rest of them.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize just how on-brand it is for me + my business to take the path less followed, to keep living my life creatively, to be a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist as a jewelry designer, not a home goods maker.

So if you’re in Richmond, Virginia + can’t wait until my next The Brunch Market (I’ll be there in July!) stop by the West Elm in Carytown to see my wares up close + personal. Our aesthetics are very similar, don’t you think?

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