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Unleash A Trend

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You know the feeling.

Maybe you’ve been through something traumatic recently, maybe you had to tuck part of yourself away so you could be a “better” wife, maybe you’re covered in spit-up and pureed green peas.  You’re feeling all the feels and wondering how any one human can even contain that many different emotions at once. You’re feeling pretty much everything but feminine.

You grasp at anything to feel more like a woman, more like a human: that soy latte, some pink peonies, even a lacey bralette. And that’s ok. Buying into a trend to feel a little more feminine is okay. You’re not drinking 3 soy lattes a day, buying out the entire flower section, and wearing a bralette every day. Right?

Or maybe you are. However you get back to feeling feminine is completely up to you.

Sometimes life can feel like it stripped you of everything you know about yourself, and if all it takes is one lacey something to bring you back to your whole, feminine self, then buy the damn bra. In the meantime, just know that feeling all of those emotions at once is what femininity is all about. No matter what, you’re always feminine.

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Live Life Creatively...What the heck does that mean?

Living Life CreativelyCait SherrickComment

The more and more I pour my heart into Leocadia K. and my art, the more I find myself thinking that live life creatively sounds so fun and free, but what the heck does that even mean? And, if I'm thinking it, then you're for sure thinking it too.

In an effort to put my feelings into words, I did some soul-searching to answer that exact question for ya.  So, if you’re just not that sure what it means to live life creatively, read the Leocadia K. Manifesto below. 

It’ll leave you feeling creative, empowered and loved.


A written statement to publicly declare your intentions, motives, or beliefs.
From the Latin manifestus — to manifest, to clearly reveal, to make real.

Leocadia K.  is living life creatively. 
It’s every day, right now.  This moment.  This breath.  This body.
Constantly creating and recreating yourself in new present moments. 
Never growing old, just refreshing.
The present moment is creative.
Be present, and you’re already living creatively – no artistic talents needed.

It’s a fresh perspective, a full heart, the unique creative expression of you right now.
Adapting, renewing, embracing the beauty of not knowing. What a relief to not know.  
It’s an organized wandering through life.  Your very own imperfect, eclectic path.
Be a flow-goer and you’re already living creatively – no special skills needed.

Leocadia K. is modern, feminine, worldly.
Effortless curiosity, humble elegance, casual sophistication.  It’s classy as fuck.
It’s exploration, discovery, visual interest.
Always expecting to see something incredible.  It’s fully engaging with the world.
It’s a warm cup of chai tea, a hug, a long savasana.
Leocadia K. is love.  You are love.
Love like you and you’re already living creatively – no creative gifts needed.

This is what living life creatively means to me and Leocadia K., but what does living life creatively mean to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Light & Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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