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Embrace Clear Thinking

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It’s not the state of your closet, it’s the state of your mind.

You wake up feeling exhausted already, and move in super slow motion while getting ready. You open your closet doors and sigh-- you literally have nothing to wear. An hour later, your entire closet is strewn about your room and you’ve changed outfits multiple times only to finally settle on something that makes you feel harried and eh.

We blame our clothes, because obviously life would be so much easier if your closet looked like a Pinterest account. Amiright? Here’s the thing, my love. You’re hot and stylish and you have a closet full of great clothes. Your dissatisfaction isn’t your wardrobe’s fault.

Moments like the one above are triggered by plain old exhaustion, which Is when negative self-talk can kick into high gear. When we’re well-rested and make self-care a priority, we naturally choose to believe positive things about ourselves, and these crazy closet moments don’t happen.

Something as simple as going to bed earlier can naturally boost your mood, strengthen your confidence, and tap into your inner calm. Routine self-care readies us for the mornings that don’t go our way. Because if we don’t feel good about ourselves, especially on those mornings, we can't feel good about anything else—not even a Pinterest-worthy outfit.

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On Breathing Through Overwhelm

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When your life has been turned upside down and you're feeling completely overwhelmed by it all, the most loving and productive thing you can do for yourself is to breathe.

Breathe because it's the only thing that makes sense right now. Breathe because there's no other choice. Breathe because it naturally focuses your attention on this moment. Right here. Right now.

Breathe full and breathe deep.

You are here. You are ok. And you are loved more than you know.

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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On Being Softer + Stronger

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Photography:  Lauren Louise Photography  // Model:  Casey Wrona  // Necklace:  Leo

Photography: Lauren Louise Photography // Model: Casey Wrona // Necklace: Leo

Being softer in the way that you handle life doesn’t make you weak. It’s easy to be angry all the time and blame everyone around you for all of your problems. It’s easy to freak out and feel like the world is out to get you. It’s easy to yell and say mean things. There’s no strength in that. That’s giving in, giving up and not caring enough about your emotional and spiritual well being.

Being softer is being stronger. Softer is forgiving, compassionate, loving, patient, non-judgmental. Softer is realizing that it’s not always about you, seeing the bigger picture and moving forward. Rising above dark moments, when you’re really in the thick of it, is one of the hardest, most rewarding things you can do for yourself and those around you. And there’s great strength in that. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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