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On Contrast

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I love contrast. I love how they’re attracted to each other, I love how they compliment each other + I love how they peacefully coexist to make something even more beautiful.

I play with contrast a lot in my designs. Light + dark. Organic + inorganic. Curves + lines. I use just enough contrast to find the subtle balance, so you may not even notice it’s there.

But you do notice it’s quiet beauty + that’s the whole point really. That’s what makes contrast so special.

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Be Light + Go High

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When you allow your ways to be light you go high. // Raphael Zernoff

But, how can you allow your ways to be light when it all feels so heavy?

Don't be so hard on yourself they say. Just relax they say. Take this time to heal they say. It all sounds so easy. Sadness doesn't really care about easy, though. One moment it's easy and light, the next it's so heavy you could crumble. In those heavy moments, look forward to easier days and take care of yourself.

Lately, taking care of myself looks like sleeping in. I've been sleeping in much later than I'm used to, and I say that's progress. I say that's light. I say that every morning I sleep in, I'm one morning closer to going high.

How have you been taking care of yourself lately? How do you stay light and go high?

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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On Being Softer + Stronger

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Photography:  Lauren Louise Photography  // Model:  Casey Wrona  // Necklace:  Leo

Photography: Lauren Louise Photography // Model: Casey Wrona // Necklace: Leo

Being softer in the way that you handle life doesn’t make you weak. It’s easy to be angry all the time and blame everyone around you for all of your problems. It’s easy to freak out and feel like the world is out to get you. It’s easy to yell and say mean things. There’s no strength in that. That’s giving in, giving up and not caring enough about your emotional and spiritual well being.

Being softer is being stronger. Softer is forgiving, compassionate, loving, patient, non-judgmental. Softer is realizing that it’s not always about you, seeing the bigger picture and moving forward. Rising above dark moments, when you’re really in the thick of it, is one of the hardest, most rewarding things you can do for yourself and those around you. And there’s great strength in that. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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