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Embrace Clear Thinking

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It’s not the state of your closet, it’s the state of your mind.

You wake up feeling exhausted already, and move in super slow motion while getting ready. You open your closet doors and sigh-- you literally have nothing to wear. An hour later, your entire closet is strewn about your room and you’ve changed outfits multiple times only to finally settle on something that makes you feel harried and eh.

We blame our clothes, because obviously life would be so much easier if your closet looked like a Pinterest account. Amiright? Here’s the thing, my love. You’re hot and stylish and you have a closet full of great clothes. Your dissatisfaction isn’t your wardrobe’s fault.

Moments like the one above are triggered by plain old exhaustion, which Is when negative self-talk can kick into high gear. When we’re well-rested and make self-care a priority, we naturally choose to believe positive things about ourselves, and these crazy closet moments don’t happen.

Something as simple as going to bed earlier can naturally boost your mood, strengthen your confidence, and tap into your inner calm. Routine self-care readies us for the mornings that don’t go our way. Because if we don’t feel good about ourselves, especially on those mornings, we can't feel good about anything else—not even a Pinterest-worthy outfit.

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Art, Passion + Breaking the Rules

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I used to get in trouble every time I'd go to a museum.

Without fail, a museum guard would scold me for being too close to the art. I've never actually ever touched any of it, but I'm pretty sure I got marked a few times, because guards would follow me around throughout my whole visit. It was a running joke among my friends and family, one that we all still laugh about.

As an art student, it was an obvious sign that I was made for a more hands-on approach to art as opposed to an academic one. As an adult, I've come to realize that it's so much more than that. I love modern art so deeply that I just wanted to be in it. And if I couldn't be in it, I wanted to be as close to it as possible. I wanted to see and feel every line, stroke, color and mistake.

I really don't understand why the guards had a problem with that. Maybe they just didn't appreciate art in the way that I did. Maybe it was their job. But really, they should've known I wasn't going to ACTUALLY touch anything. Am I right?

My getting-too-close-to-the-art days are over (I swear I haven't gotten into trouble in years.), but the moral of the story is this. When you're that deeply passionate about something, you're probably going to break the rules. And that's ok.

Even if you piss off a few museum guards.

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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What's in a name?

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When I decided to start my own business, coming up with the name was the easy part. It was very intuitive. Leocadia K. just felt right. Leocadia (Lee-oh-kay-dee-uh) was my Polish grandmother’s first name (my mom’s mom), and both her maiden and married names started with a K. She passed the year before I was born, but I’ve always felt very connected to her not only spiritually, but also through my mom and her stories.

My Babci (Polish for grandmother) was quite the modern woman for her time. In the 1940s, she worked an assembly line, oversaw air raid drills and modelled plus-size bras and lingerie, while being courted by a Texas cattle baron. She made her own clothes, her kid’s clothes and even the upholstery for her house, using patterns of her own design that she cut out of newspaper. She was president of her church’s Lady’s Guild, and she was so well-liked there that the priest would come to her house for Sunday dinner. In the 1960s, she founded and ran WATES – the Women’s Association to Enjoy Slimming. Any woman small or large could join. They met at the health department and worked together to lose weight under a doctor’s supervision. She always took care of the neighborhood kids. Everyone in our hometown knew who she was and loved her. And like most small towns, she knew where her girls were and what they were doing long before they told her, simply because the town would keep her updated.

She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She didn’t swear, ever. Even during arguments, she always kept her cool and tried to help everyone see reason. She always made sure to work things out. She was so inherently good, that she couldn’t hate anyone or anything, even if she tried. When she hugged you, you’d get lost in her embrace. She was extremely close to God and Heaven. She was pure love, and I feel her love every day.

Her essence and my artistic intuition connected to bring you the Leocadia K. you see here. It’s being present, going with the flow and loving the way you love. Its modern art, boho heart and warm cups of chai tea. It’s living life creatively.

With Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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