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Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Moving to Whidbey Island in the dead of winter, when the whole place was shut down for the off season has left me feeling pretty gloomy and isolated. The sunshine, longer days (the sun sets around 8pm here and it’s only April!) and warmer temps have reignited some much-needed inspiration and motivation in me. So, I have lots of things to tell you about!

// I recently had to temporarily close my online shop while I work out some administrative formalities with the state of Washington. There was some confusion about whether or not I had to register my business here since I’m a military spouse and not technically a resident. After lots of phone calls to lots of government agencies, it turns out that I do. So my shop is closed while I take care of that, but it should be up and running within the next week or two. I will make an announcement once I can start accepting orders again. Thank you for your understanding while I work out these behind-the-scenes details!

// I just became a Milspo Project Chapter Leader here on the island. The Milspo Project is a military spouse-run non-profit that serves to empower and educate military spouse entrepreneurs so they can grow in their careers and expand their businesses.  They also happen to be the first organization that ever featured my on their blog last May, they started their organization around the same time I started my business, and they’ve become pretty great virtual friends along the way.

After almost six months of living here, I still don’t really know anyone, let alone other business owners. I thought I'd join a local chapter to meet some other business-owning spouses, and saw that the closest one was pretty far away. Since I couldn’t just join a community of like-minded women, I’ve decided to create one. In general, I don't fit in with a lot of the Navy wives we're exposed to within my husband's commands, because of my creativity, drive and the fact that I own a business. I figured it was about time I get more involved with the kinds of women I can more easily relate to. (No offense to anyone! We all have our tribes, and I just have trouble finding mine through my husband’s commands.)

If you know any military spouse entrepreneurs that happen to live on Whidbey Island send them my way! For more on The Milspo Project, be sure to check out their website here.

// I’m excited to be featured alongside Mosfier P.’s collection in their Spring photoshoot. Tend just launched on Wednesday, and it all looks so dreamy! Everything styles perfectly with your fave Leocadia K. piece. I’m most in love with their jumpsuit, Marge. She and I would be great friends. You can see their full collection here.

// I'm incredibly honored to be showcased as Independent She's entrepreneurial feature this week!

“This week's entrepreneurial feature showcases the amazing talents of Caitie Sherrick, Founder and Designer at Leocadia K.. Not only is she a creative powerhouse with remarkable talent, she's also a Navy wife and a fan of the many benefits of the entrepreneurial life.
Check out the interview to learn more about Caitie, and be sure to take a peek at her amazing jewelry. We are in MAJOR love with her style!” // Independent She

Read the full interview here to see how I fell into jewelry design and what it's like to balance a business with being a military spouse.

That’s it for now. I hope you’re having a lovely Friday!

With Love, Light & Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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A Photo Series: Our Cross Country Drive

A Photo SeriesCait SherrickComment

If you've been following Leocadia K. for a while now, you already know that we recently moved from Jacksonville, FL to Oak Harbor, WA.  It was a month-long transition that first took us from Florida up to Virginia for a few weeks, and then from there we headed out west.

These photos are from the Virginia to Washington leg of our trip.  They're all from my iPhone 5 and most of them were taken while still in the car.  While we did stop here and there, we were on a bit of a time crunch, so we couldn't stop as much as we actually wanted to. We saw a lot more than we were able to capture because some of it was at night and some of it just didn’t photograph well – wild buffalo, wild mountain goats, roads that dropped off into cliffs, mountain, upon mountain, upon mountain.   

Considering how stressful moving is, how stressful moving cross country is and how long our move took, we still got some pretty beautiful shots, and I'm happy with that.  

So here you have my edited, curated version of our trip. (The pics open to a slideshow, so be sure to click the first one and there are two separate galleries, so be sure to scroll down!)

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,


Days 1-3: Virginia, WEst virginia, kentucky, indiana, illinois, iowa & nebraska

Days 4-5: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington

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On Making Huge Life Decisions

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Making it real is always so much heavier than just abstractly talking about it.

No matter the circumstances.  No matter the decision. 

We all make choices for our own personal reasons.  We weigh the risks, choose what feels right.  We consider the worst, hope for the best. We make the most of it, if it turns out badly. We make it work.

The real happiness and the steady calm are found in how you handle it all and how you make those decisions. Is it what you really want?  Are you choosing to see the good in it?  Are you focusing on everything you don't have?

There’s no wrong in your choice.  It just feels wrong, when the only thing you can bring yourself to see in life is the mistake.  

We are guided to make every decision for a reason – to level up, to learn a lesson, to find answers, to evolve.

Even if we don’t know what that reason is, it always works out the way it’s supposed to. 

And there’s such a deep sense of comfort in that.  

We all have to make large, life-changing decisions throughout our lives.  There are always so many layers of complications and details that make these decisions harder than they need to be, and when you’re in the military, those layers and details exponentially multiply.  

Making a normal military decision now forces you to put the next however many years of your life into perspective, because once you make that decision there’s no going back.  You can’t just quit or change jobs or move.  You decide and it’s done.

Now try to make those decisions while your significant other is deployed with crappy internet and very little phone use.  YEAH.  It’s just as horrible as it sounds. Most of the time, it’s even worse. But, this is our normal.  Crazy as it sounds, my husband and I, and countless other military families successfully move through this kind of decision-making together all the freakin’ time.

I was talking to a friend recently about it. We both had just made crazy joint-decisions with our husbands over the internet.  Decisions that normal, everyday people wouldn’t even dream of making in normal, everyday situations, let alone via email or Facebook Messenger.

What came out of that conversation were some really juicy, deeply supportive, long-ass text messages that I refined into the above nugget of wisdom, so I could share them with you. 

Ultimately, all major decision-making is hard, so the next time you’re making a huge decision and have no idea what to do, I hope you find some solace knowing that you’re not alone and that it will be ok.  No matter what you decide.  

With love, Light & Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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