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Choose to Have Options

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Personal style is just that: personal. And when something is personal it’s always right.

Confession: while the purpose of this blog post, my instagram feed and even the Looks page on my website is to give you easy, intentional style tips, the truth is there’s no right or wrong way to get dressed in the morning. There’s no right or wrong way to style a t-shirt, there are no right or wrong shoes to wear with those pants, and there is no right or wrong way to layer that sweater.  There are no real rules in style, only possibilities.

When you look at everything with possibility, your options are endless.  Suddenly, you have 25 different ways to style that t-shirt. You realize that you can wear a different pair of shoes with those jeans every day of the week and, magically, your sweater layers perfectly over everything from a tank top to a button down.

From choosing the color of your t-shirt to deciding how to tie your scarf; from choosing the style of your shoes to deciding how to tie them; from choosing the wash of your jeans to deciding how to layer your jacket, you have options. Acknowledging your options keeps your personal style full of potential.

Love, Light + Warm Cups of Chai Tea,

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