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On Celebrating the Details

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This month, in The PerpetualYou magazine’s November issue, I'm sharing my thoughts on how celebrating the details in life and in style not only brings you more joy, but it also gives more value to what you already have. If you're already feeling overwhelmed by the idea of the holiday season and you’re in need of a little grace, then head on over here to catch the full style spread.

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Take Your Turquoise into Fall

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The color turquoise typically reminds us of clear blue waters, tan lines and warm nights.  Because of these beachy associations, it’s easy to think you should only wear your turquoise jewelry in the summer. While I love accessorizing a good summer outfit with turquoise, I also love to keep wearing turquoise well into the cooler seasons. Its aqua color pairs beautifully with the deeper red and gold tones of fall, and its organic shape adds an earthy, boho edge to any cool weather look.  Here are three ways to style turquoise necklaces with your fall outfits in a way that feels modern, feminine and effortlessly chic.


Break up the stripes on a turtleneck tee (or any striped tee!) with a long, layered piece. The turquoise pops next to any neutral color, and the organic shape stands out nicely on top of stripes. 


Elevate an everyday plaid button down with a statement piece. Wearing a statement necklace with a plaid shirt is unexpected, and the turquoise color pairs well with the warmer colors of fall. 


Add personality to a simple sweater with a long, layered piece.  The turquoise adds a subtle break in color, and the necklace freshens up a basic sweater. 

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