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On Getting Dressed for Yourself

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This month, in September's issue of The Perpetual You magazine, I'm sharing my thoughts on why it’s so important to get dressed for yourself and how dressing this way can bring more abundance into your life. If getting dressed in the morning always feels like a struggle, then this one’s for you. You can catch the full style spread here.

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3 Ways to Style a Tassel Necklace

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Tassels have become my go-to accessories when it comes to jewelry. I love how they can freshen up any outfit. They’re like these bright little bursts of sunshine that add a little spirit and some laid back vibes to your look without making it full bohemian-gypsy-goddess.  Here are three ways to style tassel necklaces with outfits in a way that feels easy, feminine and everyday chic.


Brighten up an olive green top with a neon tassel. Using the olive green as a neutral grounds the neon, so the neon looks more chic and less 1980’s throwback. It’s simple and feminine.



Break up the stripes on your tee with a bright tassel. The tassel adds a subtle break in color and line when layered on top of the black and white stripes. It’s modern and boho.



Add texture to a solid romper with a large tassel.  The tassel easily stands out against a solid color, and it freshens up a basic romper. It’s laid-back and chic.

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The Closet

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Do you ever feel like you don’t have the energy to figure what to wear in the morning? Do you ever stare at all your really nice clothes and think: “I literally have nothing to wear”? Do you ever buy a really beautiful necklace because it called to you, get it home and have no idea how to style it? 

Yep. Me too, love. Me too. 

When I get dressed in the morning, and have nowhere to go, I always find the cutest, comfiest ways to combine my clothes into nice outfits.  It’s the days when I actually have to wear clothes and look presentable that I usually have the hardest time deciding what to wear.  Regardless of the day, I always end up wearing the same thing I liked wearing last week and/or rotating the same combination of items anyway. And, between you and me, I have a lot of unworn jewelry because of this very real struggle. Getting dressed shouldn’t be that stressful. For real, though. Girl problems.

With our daily struggle in mind, I’ve decided to help us all out by putting together an online closet here on leocadiak.com, and I’m calling it…you guessed it…The Closet. It’s like pinterest specifically catered to your Leocadia K. finds.  

I’m hoping that by keeping our online closet simple, strictly visual, and taking the guesswork out of how to successfully style yourself, getting dressed in the morning, whether you have anywhere to go or not, will be a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun. And, total bonus, you’ll actually get to wear the really nice LK jewelry you just bought.

I’ll be continuously adding new outfits, flatlays and ideas to The Closet, from now until forever, so be sure to keep checking back every time you need a little outfit inspiration. I actually wear everything you’ll see in The Closet, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll feel comfortable, look amazing and get lots of compliments.

Ready to figure out what you’re wearing tomorrow? Head on over here, and take a peek at all of the outfits I’ve styled over the last few months.

Have specific outfit requests? Unsure how to wear your new Leocadia K. piece? Feel free to shoot me an email here and I’ll not only style it just for you, but I’ll add it to The Closet for everyone to see.

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