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West Elm Local Vendor Artist, Carytown, Richmond, VA

I was selling my jewelry, talking about my fake plants + doing my thang at the Crafted VA Summer Pop-Up last August, when my friend + colleague, Allison came to say hello. Within seconds of hugging hello she went straight to it (like she always does in the most loving way) + asked me if I wanted to be her west elm LOCAL jewelry vendor.

I distinctly recall smiling from ear to ear while jumping up + down before I eventually said yes. 

While working out the details with corporate, Allison moved to the new West Elm location in Carytown - Richmond, VA, so naturally my jewelry moved with her. Because of her move not only can you now get your favorite LK pieces at West Elm in Richmond, but I can also officially say that I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist. 

I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.
I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.
I’m a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist.

As a long time admirer, customer + former employee of West Elm, it’s surreal to think that I now partner with them as an artist. Repeating it over + over makes it seem more real.

You see, the growth of my jewelry business has been quite unique to say the least. I tend to get exposure in ways that most jewelry designers don’t, I often partner with people + places that don’t typically want to partner with jewelry designers + despite all of that, my business + I continue to grow just like the rest of them.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize just how on-brand it is for me + my business to take the path less followed, to keep living my life creatively, to be a west elm LOCAL vendor + artist as a jewelry designer, not a home goods maker.

So if you’re in Richmond, Virginia + can’t wait until my next The Brunch Market (I’ll be there in July!) stop by the West Elm in Carytown to see my wares up close + personal. Our aesthetics are very similar, don’t you think?

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