Leocadia K.



You’re the woman who notices the pattern on the parchment paper left behind by homemade banana chips. You’re the woman who loves the feel of her super soft faux fur pillow. You’re the woman who really drinks in the warm, unconditional love of a good cup of chai tea. You're the woman who lives her life creatively. 

You turn present moments into experiences. I design jewelry for those experiences.

I don’t traditionally sculpt, cast metal or string beads. Instead, I design intuitively, combining materials based on their colors, lines, and shapes. I layer stones, brass and beads in such a way that my pieces become sculptural all on their own.  Layers, references to nature, ancient silhouettes and minimal designs all work together and allow my pieces to transcend boundaries in an elevated, modern, bohemian kind of way. 

Each piece of Leocadia K. jewelry is understated and bold, contemporary and timeless, raw and polished. Each piece reflects your unique style, your boho heart and your fresh perspective on life. Each piece brings you back to the present moment. Back to patterns and texture and love. Back to living life creatively. 

I’m Cait Sherrick – jewelry designer, stylist and chai tea drinker. I’m an avid yogi, modern art enthusiast, and spiritual gangster. I’ve always been a jewelry designer – from making hemp necklaces as a kid at summer camp, to making seashell earrings as gifts for friends in college. After graduating college with a B.A. in Art and Art History, having no luck in the world of fine art, and seeing so much interest in necklaces I made for myself, I created this space to nourish my creativity and share my aesthetic with ladies like you.

Leocadia K. (Lee-oh-kay-dee-uh Kay) isn't just jewelry.  It’s living life creatively.  

So take a look around, and maybe even sign up for my newsletter. I'm so glad you’re here.

Are you a retailer?  Interested in stocking my work?  Drop me a line here, and I'll follow up shortly with Leocadia K.'s wholesale information.

Main Image // Photography: Stephanie Renee Photography